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  • Tailgate

    #BeTheChurch – June 29th, Tailgate Service

    On June 29th, #BeTheChurch will be held at Bay Valley Christian Church at 5:30pm.  We will be holding a Tailgate Service to worship God, and to celebrate all that He has done during this month! Please bring a lawn chair and wear something comfortable as service will be held outside.  Also, please bring a

  • The King has one more Move! Part 2

    #2 The Force Of The Storm Can Drain You -The force of the storm can weigh heavy on you, bringing despair. You will begin to think that the winds will never quit blowing. This calls for patience. David said well, “I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto

  • The King has one more Move! Part 1

    Title: “The King has one more move” Text: Mark 4:35-41 Subject: Faith in God Proposition: When you come to the very end and you think it is all over the King has one more move. Objective: Inspire Gods people to trust and believe when they come to the end of

  • Blog 2014-10-22


    Let me begin with a question. Could the feeling of loneliness be in direct relation of you being separated from God? Can a Christian who has a relationship with God be lonely? In both cases God is not far from us but we can be far from Him. The absence

  • Blog 2014-09-13

    God’s Love Compels

    Once you experience the Love of God, nothing else compares. God’s love keeps you loving even when your love runs out. Loving your family, loving your church family, loving your enemies, and loving others is limited to natural love, but Gods love transcends human love and gives you the ability to