This Is Us: Gather

Pastor David starts our new series, “This Is Us.” We as a church are to gather together, grow in the Lord, and go into our communities and share Him with others.

The Blessed Life

We are doing a 7 week video series from Pastor Robert Morris called The Blessed Life. To follow along see below at which video we watched on each date. Copy the link to select the video you missed.

Jan 7- It’s All About The Heart

Jan 14- What Test?

Jan 21- The Principle Of First

Jan 28-  Breaking The Spirit Of Mammon

Feb 11- Am I Generous?

Feb 18- The Principles Of Multiplication, Part 1

Feb 25- The Principles Of Multiplication, Part 2


Have You Noticed? -Perspective

Pastor Al talks about the importance of perspective. We cannot live a full life if our perspective is constantly skewed.

More Than A Feeling

Pastor David Ferranti speaks on the gaps we have in our relationships between what we expect from others and what their behavior actually is. We can choose to fill the gap with believing the best or believing the worst.