Celebration of Pastor Cheryl

This week is a celebration of Pastor Cheryl! Pastor Cheryl retired earlier this year, and this service celebrates more than 35 years of ministry!

Let Freedom Reign

Pastor David continues our series on Freedom. We must remember as Christians that we are in a spiritual battle. Though we live under the Lord’s protection, we must remain ready to fight temptation as it comes.

Fighting The Good Fight

Pastor Al speaks on the importance of self-discipline in the christian life. In order to attain spiritual victory, we must foster the disciplines of prayer, reading the Bible, and worship.


Pastor David speaks on worship. As we surrender to God in worship, our minds and hearts are transformed, and we gain a new perspective on life. You don’t want to miss this message!

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day Pastor David speaks on the importance of honoring the woman in our lives. Even if we have mothers that haven’t acted honorably, it is our role to honor and love them.