Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Pastor David speaks on the importance of Christians using their gifts and abilities for God’s kingdom.

Easter Sunday

For this Easter message, Pastor David speaks on the resurrection of Lazarus and the resurrection of Jesus. Just as Lazarus needed other people to remove his grave cloths, we need to surround ourselves with people who can remove our grave cloths so we can see, hear, and experience all God is doing in our lives.

Good Friday

In this Good Friday message, Pastor David preaches on the crucifixion of Jesus. We learn how Jesus responded when He was spit upon and ridiculed by men. By examining Jesus’ response, we learn how we are to respond when people “spit in our faces” and mistreat us.

Get Ready For Your Season!

Pastor David brings vision and excitement to all God is doing at Bay Valley. He talks about how we are bridging generational gaps and connecting people of all ages to accomplish our mission of reaching the lost.

Open Your Hand – Generosity

Pastor David speaks on why it is important to tithe our time as well as our finances. We learn we need to be generous not only with our finances, but with the gifts and abilities God has given us as well.

The Light of the World

Pastor David speaks on the importance of shining Christ’s light to those around us.