Are you looking for a place to belong and would like to have a chance to meet the staff and gather more information about Bay Valley Christian Church or discover how you can begin your journey here?

We would like to invite you to take the next step.


The Bay Valley Christian Church journey is an exciting experience that connects you to the life flow of BVCC and empowers you to serve God with greater purpose and passion.

God has called every believer into a community of faith, as one body, with a great vision for the future. In our membership class you will connect with the history, beliefs, people, and future of BVCC.  You will connect with the core issues of living a spiritually-empowered life in Christ, and you will connect with God’s plan for your life as you commit to serving Him and others.

Our goal is that, through your participation in BVCC, you will experience a greater commitment to the vision for our church as you deepen your walk with Christ and actively serve in an area of ministry that is consistent with your God-given design.

Embrace the pursuit of life’s greater purpose.  Respond to the challenge of spirit-empowered living.

Please watch for announcements and sign-ups

Begin Your Journey With Commitment!

The Definition of Participating Members: 
Participating Members of this Church are those persons who have gone through the process of membership, committed themselves to be part of and uphold the Church family and its values, and have all the membership rights and responsibilities provided in this article of the by-laws.

The Qualifications for Participating Membership:
1. A personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation along with evidence of a changed heart.
2. Completion of the B.V.C.C’s membership class.
3. A signed commitment of agreement with and willingness to abide by the church membership Covenant.
4. Public affirmation before other participating members of the church family.

We ask you to commit to membership for 3 reasons: 
1. A Biblical Reason:
 Christ is committed to the church.“… Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.” Ephesians 5:25
2. A Cultural Reason: It is an antidote to our society. We live in an age where very few want to be committed to anything: a job, a marriage, our country. This attitude has produced “consumer religion.”  Becoming a member fights such “consumer religion” by inviting members to be active participants in the church. Commitment always builds character.
3. A Practical Reason: It defines who can be counted on. Every team must have a roster. Every school must have an enrollment. Every business has a payroll. Every army has an enlistment. Even our country takes a census and requires voter registration. Membership identifies our family.

Christian Education Opportunities

Understanding God

This class has both teaching and experiences designed to help you review the formation of your spiritual life and discover how to live out each day in the power of the Holy Spirit! You will explore the challenges facing you on your spiritual journey and learn how to handle them by strengthening your beliefs and your relationship with God.

Understanding the Master’s Voice

This class is designed to help you discern the difference between God’s voice and your own personal desires. You will gain knowledge & encounter the life changing power of the Word of God.

Leaders For Christ Training Center

LFCTC seeks to equip and train those desiring to serve and learn in a greater capacity. The 5-trimester program is rooted in the International School of Ministry (ISOM) core curriculum. The courses feature leaders such as Joyce Meyer, Jack Hayford, Brian Houston, Reinhard Bonnke, TL Osborn, Bayless Conley, and more. The ISOM curriculum is supplemented with various readings and service opportunities to facilitate a well-rounded and balanced growth of our students. New classes form every fall and winter.

For more information on any of the above, contact us at: